“Since 2001, Banka, Energji, Hidrokarbure, Infrastrukture, Teknologji.

Eduard Mbrapa

“Since 2001, Banka, Energji, Hidrokarbure, Infrastrukture, Teknologji.

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Bulevardi “Dëshmorët e Kombit”
Kullat Binjake Kulla 2, Kati 13
Tirana, Shqiperi

Përmbledhje (CV)

2003–2009 Lawyer

Following her graduation with excellent results from the Faculty of Law in 2001, she started working as
a legal assistant for a law firm until she got her License as a Legal Attorney in 2003. During her career
as a lawyer she has had vast experience in the fields of administrative, civil, commercial and family
law. She also has significant knowledge concerning the legal framework regulating immovable
2009–2014 Inspector

General Directorate of Justice Matters, the Inspection Directorate for the Prosecution and
the Inspection Directorate of the Dependency and Free Professions Institutions near the
Ministry of Justice
practical knowledge about the:
– inspections concerning the preliminary investigations near the Prosecution Body;
– inspections at the Ministry of Justice’s Dependency Institutions as the State Bailiff’s Office, Prisons,
Forensic Medicine;
– inspection of the Free Professions near the Ministry of Justice, such as Notary and mainly in the field
of Private Judicial Bailiffs, regarding the execution of executive titles.

2014–Present Private Judicial Bailiff